Media Convergence and its Effect on the Consumer

How do you get your news? Do you go outside every morning with a cup of coffee and sit on the porch while reading the newspaper? That’s how my parents use to do it! Now everything can be accessed at the click of a button! Now my parents, my sister, my friends, and even I get our news all the same way, on our phone. Its amazing what ten years of growing technology can do to us. Anyway, this blog is about media convergence and its effect on the consumer. Do you think you have been effected by technology? I believe that media convergence has had an effects on the consumer. According to JMC 1013 Student packet page six, “to today’s media-consuming public, smaller is better.” Consumers seem to be separating themselves by race, religion, language and ethnicity. Mass media companies are now realizing that they need to appeal to a more narrow audience and to grow these audiences. With this strategy they can appeal to a more diverse audience in the process. In JMC 1013 Student Packet is states, “There are bloggers who create their own content….publishing news, commentary opinions and other material on their own individualized websites.” With all this new technology why couldn’t you just make your own blog? Most only double or triple their readers, so is being on your own worth it? In journalism you can either have money or impact. When it comes to growing your audience, its one or the other. By just having your own blog you could easily post your opinions on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and tumbler and have thousands maybe millions of views, but what makes it credible? Should we just believe what you say cause there are a lot of views?  What does it take to make readers keep coming back to you as a source? Although we think we can just do things on our own, we still need the famous names of news. FOX, CNN, NBC are all great and we trust them. We need media to provide the world with news, entertainment, sports, and advertisement. Money drives the engine of news and entertainment. As you can tell mass media is changing and in a very big way. News has become easier to access, but another change is the faces that the news is coming from. The news is shifting and changing in a diverse way as well. Media convergence is a huge topic that has effected how we obtain news and how easily it can be changed or wrong.



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